Graduate Study Carrel Conditions of Use

  1. Only full-time, UNB graduate students may use graduate study carrels.
  2. Graduate carrels are intended for quiet study. You are not permitted to hold meetings, tutor students, or engage in group activities in the carrel.
  3. Food and uncovered drinks are not allowed.
  4. All UNB Libraries material left in the study carrel must be signed out.
  5. UNB Libraries is not responsible for personal items left in study carrels.
  6. Library staff will enter periodically to ensure that the carrel is being well maintained. UNB’s Facilities Management or Security staff may need to enter graduate study carrels.
  7. A refundable $30 key deposit is required to use a graduate study carrel.
  8. Private study carrels may be rented for $50/term.
  9. Bookable Graduate Carrels: The term for a bookable graduate carrel is one week (Monday @ 10am until Monday @ 9am).
  10. Bookable Graduate Carrels may be booked in advance; at the end of the booking period, you may book another carrel.
  11. Bookable Graduate Carrels: The carrel key must be returned to the Commons Service Desk by the end of the booking period (Monday @ 9am) to avoid fines.
  12. Failure to abide by these conditions may forfeit your use of graduate carrels at the HIL.